Unbelievably Funny Memes about the sequel and final conclusion of India’s Highest Grossing Franchise Baahubali

In 2015, the first part of the highest grossing franchise of India was released. Baahubali: The Beginning, shattered all box office records when it released and now its conclusion, the sequel, Baahubali: The Conclusion was recently released. As expected, this movie became the highest grossing movie of India with a collection of more than 100 crore rupees on the first day of its release!

The testament of this movie is the house full cinema halls and long lines outside the screening of the movie.

This is the line outside an ATM during demonetization.

And this is outside the screening of the sequel of Baahubali.

Needless to say, this frenzy was followed by the unlimited amount of memes circling across the Internet. Here are some of the best meme picks:

  • Melody itni Choclaty Kyu Hai?


Now that the most puzzling question of India has been answered, it is time to get the second most puzzling question to get answered!

  • Every Conversation with Mom:


#MomDialogues Raj Mata is in full rage mode in this scene by the way.

  • Taking Shots:

Well he didn’t mean this! He meant the intoxication shots! Well this also has some kind of intoxication. Feel the heat!!

  • Every Desi Household:

For the people who have watched this movie and know how intense this scene is, I laughed out so hard that I cried a little!!

  • The Left Hand Thumb Rule Team:

The best detectives of India are for hire and Rajamouli should have just hired them. They would have gotten to the bottom of it for much less price.

  • Gerard Butler Trolled!

Maheshmathi wins at all costs. What do you think?

These hilarious trolls makes you want to watch this movie and laugh when these scenes pop up!

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