Some Unbelievably Hilarious Bollywood Music PJs that would make you laugh and cry at the same time

Bollywood Music has played a vital role in all of our upbringing. We have danced and grooved on desi beats in parties. We have sung sentimental songs when we missed our loved ones. Whenever it rains, our night automatically becomes musical. All of this is because of Bollywood music.

There are tons of things that Bollywood music has done for us. It has made us smile, sweat, cry and even angry. Now Bollywood music has come to make us die laughing at how unbelievably stupid and horrible these PJs are. Here are some of the best of PJs made using Bollywood Music:

  • The whole world can change but you don’t change:

She didn’t change her sari in the entire movie because of this reason. Now I get it.

  • What are you saying A?

So this means both the characters in the song were named A as the next line was A, kya mai bolu?

  • Because he has his father Nitin Mukesh’s name:

Or is it because his name is too big! This is a very confusing PJ.

  • Before dancing Meera tied a ghungroo to her dog:

Meera had a pug and she tied ghungroo to her pug. OMG! Kill me now!

  • AC is equivalent to being intoxicated apparently:

So why waste money on drinks when all you have to do is decrease the temperature using an AC. Follow Bollywood and get trolled like this!

  • Bappi Lahiri loves gold and this is what his ringtone would be:

Sona means sleeping to Bappi Lahiri. Maybe you have forgotten that.

Nobody can beat the lyricists of Indian Cinema in terms of making songs which can mean variety of things. Not even Rajnikanth can do this. Yes I said it!

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