The Undertaker Shocks the World with his Unexpected Return of Vengeance


And the Phenom hasn’t ended it up yet! The deadman is again alive & active in the WWE World, & this time it’s the Summerslam stage.

The Wrestling Megastar is well famous for his uncommon moves of manipulating the opponent with his ‘Mind Games’. He always comes back with a smack! After Wrestlemania 33, The Undertaker has returned for the first time to have ‘One Last Match’ of his wrestling career.


Rumours are there that the Phenom will manage to get his match on the WWE show. But what will be the match for? Well, in my opinion, The Phenom wants a ‘Double-Revenge’.


Roman Reigns was the one who recently defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33. And Brocklesnar was the first man to be the ‘One in 21 & 1’. He destroyed the Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania record.


So, the Phenom is really smart to have both these wrestlers in the same platform. Maybe this is the strongest reason why he interfered in the main event of Summerslam. His fans are really happy to see him back, & they just can’t wait for the next ‘Phenom Match’.

The news of the Undertaker’s return is trending worldwide & WWE experts are busy predicting his next move.


Jim Ross says, “Until he says he’s done, he’s not done”. This is yet another example of the immense dedication the Phenom has for wrestling. Let’s see how the Undertaker goes on for his next big move(maybe final one) in his wrestling career. Nevertheless, it is a fact that, the seen will be ‘PHENOMenal’, as always.

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