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Unique Resignation letter of an Unhappy Employee is going viral on Reddit!

All of us start a job with new hope and wish for a satisfying job and salary. But what would you do if you were stuck in a wrong job? Well, not many would come up with the idea like this guy did.A guy who was frustrated with his current job did the most imaginable way of putting his papers. He wrote the resignation letter on the toilet paper.

This letter was later posted on Reddit with username “Girlofgodsbadday”. Wife of the frustrated guy posted her husband’s resignation letter on Reddit.

He wrote the resignation letter on the toilet paper. The resignation letter read “I have chosen this type of paper for my 2 week resignation as a symbol of how I feel this company has treated me, and ironically, how it is disposed of is where I feel the company is going.” clearly showing how much he hated his job. If this was not enough, he even drew a commode before finishing his letter.

Within no time the story became viral. While some found it crazy, funny and unique, some were unhappy with the way this guy handled the situation.Many Reddit users could relate to the situation of the guy and some users made fun and commented that he might not have to serve the mandatory 2 weeks notice period after this.

Few Reddit users even commented that hope he won’t needing a reference letter from his previous company as no points for guessing, nobody would give a reference after such an act. To this the “Girlofgodsbadday’” replied, he would not have done this if he needed one.

Employees found the letter funny but employers did not like the attitude of this guy. Few employers said they would never hire a guy who would talk ill about their previous company and boss no matter how good they are good at their work. Nobody would like a drama in the office and certainly not a person who would spread negativity in the team.

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