Unique Trolls from the Creative Indians on JB Show


The frenzy, the euphoria at the Justin Bieber show at DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai was maddening with fans waiting since morning. A strong crowd of 45,000 people gathered for the first-ever Justin Bieber show in India and people especially the teenagers all across the country took flights to Mumbai to watch him perform live.

But keeping up with the tradition, the social media went ahead with all trolls that will even make JB laugh his ass off.

  • Indians can never forget their neighbours. Thus, what if this show was held in Pakistan and Bieber said ‘Lets set the stage on fire’. Obviously, the intelligent Pakis would have started throwing hand-grenades on the stage.

  • Some of us are so obsessed with BJP especially Modi that anything that we like happens, and the credit automatically goes to Modi….what if it’s a JB show…

  • The exorbitantly priced tickets for the show remind me of Barber who probably came in his new incarnation to rob us again.

  • What will happen if JB tells his demands for the show to Babu Bhai….worth watching isn’t it?

  • Why do you even care if Bieber actually sang or just lip synced? Do you know any song of his other than Sorry & Baby?

  • What is Ashutosh doing with Bieber? Is he teaching him how to dance or want him to join AAP?

  • All those who came to Mumbai just posted that they were at JB show even if they were in Chaupati eating Bhel.

  • What if Justin comes to Bihar for his next concert!!!!

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