The Unique Way of Indian Mums to Express Love

Indian moms are known for their love for their kids. They spend their entire life nurturing, feeding and protecting their kids and no matter how old the kids become they consider them babies only.

They are equally famous for the dialogues that they deliver on day to day basis when they don’t approve of something that their kids do.

Let us see some common shayaris that the Indian moms often come up with when the kids don’t behave the way they want them to.

  •    Most of the times, they don’t like kids getting up late in the morning and this is what they come up with.

  •    One thing that every mom wants is that her kid should do really well in studies. If this desire of hers is not met, she really gets upset.

  •    When a mother gets bugged up running around completing the chores and sees her son lying around peacefully, this is what comes out of her mouth.

  •    Children often don’t like eating veggies like torai, tinda and mothers always try cajoling them to eat such vegetables.

  •    Fathers are often the villain in the eyes of kids and if mothers feel that kids are taking undue advantage of her she tries to scare them by saying this.

  •    Even though a mother knows that her child is doing something wrong, she trusts him if he can swear to her.

  •    When kids leave home later in life, the mothers are a worried lot. And in spite of kid being healthy, she feels he has lost kilos of weight.

  •    The moment a girl completes her studies, the mother gets after her life to marry and settle in life.

  •    When a child doesn’t listen to what she is saying, she tries this emotional dialogue.

  •    If the child doesn’t pick mom’s phone, she often gets enraged and curses his/her friends.

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