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US President’s International Women’s Day tweets got castigated by Twitterati

US President Donald Trump uses twitter to share his harsh as well as mellow views all the time. He tweets all his feelings constantly and he is very blunt in his perceptions and thoughts. Although his tweets draw a lot of retaliation and reprimand mostly but it doesn’t make US President Donald Trump stop his tweeting as he is undeterred by it and his tweets still have the same level of strength and intensity.

He shared two tweets on International Women’s day on the social media website keeping up with this nature. He was trying to show that he has a lot of respect for women and wanted to celebrate womanhood.

The first tweet of Donald Trump said that he had a lot of respect for women and they vital roles they serve are really important for the economy and society.

He sent out another tweet following the previous tweet which said that on this International Women’s day he wants all his followers to join him in honoring the critical roles of women all around the world and in America as well.

But twitterati didn’t treat his tweets kindly. They saw his tweets as just a bunch of baloney because of his track record and castigated him. While some people just retweeted some of Trump’s earlier tweets that showed how he disrespected women, others took a jab at him for putting up a façade. One of the Twitter users, with twitter username Oliver Va-CARE, downplayed the tweet of Donald Trump, tweeted that if the US President replaced roles with men and respect with disdain then he might have believed him but his current tweet was really misleading.

Here are his tweets:

Here are the top reactions that followed his tweet:

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