Vegetarians Eat Food Too!!

Vegetarians are often irritated by repeatedly hearing that they are ghaas phoos eaters. We don’t understand why it is so difficult to get into the minds of these non-vegetarians that you can not only survive, but also be happy and healthy without the need of killing any animal. Vegetarians are the noble souls who have soft feelings towards the animals and they don’t really look forward to killing them just to keep themselves satiated.

Here are some tweets that only a vegetarian can connect to.

  •    While dining out, vegetarian options are just there to tick the checklist. Either you give few decent options or just say that yours is only a non-veg restaurant.

  •    All Paneer dishes look and taste the same. Then, why keep different fancy names?

  •    Do you think all proteins are there in meat and eggs? Have you heard of pulses, legumes, soya, paneer etc.?

  •    For God’s sake, there is a big difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. Vegan is not the short form of vegetarian.

  •    The reaction of a person on his first date when he comes to know that his GF is a vegetarian.

  •    Explaining to McDonald’s salesman to give a vegetarian burger is like going to Mars.

  •    There are Muslim Bengali people who love to eat vegetarian stuff. Why are you so surprised?

  •    Don’t you think the chicken salads less the chicken qualifies for lower cost?

  •    You non-vegetarians can never realise the pain of eating pasta every single time and chipping-in for all your extravagant dishes.

  •    Can you please get over with your obsession with mushrooms?

  •    Just telling a person that I am vegetarian opens up a whole plethora of questions and concerns.

  •    We are going to steak house for dinner. Are you coming with us? You can have some potato or salad.

  •    While I am having salad, these morons gave umpteen reasons why they hate one.

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