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Here are the Views of Sarahah’s Creator about Indian Citizens


Well, this is a known fact that currently Sarahah comes on the top of the list of most downloaded apps in Apple’s iTunes store. But here’s something unique about it. The developer of Sarahah, ZainAlabdin Tawfiq gives all the credit to ‘The Indians’.


He claims that the Indians have taught him all the programming which he used for creating Sarahah application. He is proud that his app has reached India & is loved by the people all around there.

In an interview with India Today Group, Sarahah’s creator said. “I am really proud that Sarahah has reached India. The first company that I worked for, actually the only IT company that I ever worked for, was Wipro. And I am very proud and happy to see Indians coming to Sarahah.”


“Indians have taught me programming in university, Indians have taught me programming in the company. I had Indian colleagues and I also have Indian friends,” he added.

With an objective to have constructive feedbacks, Sarahah has gained a lot of popularity as one of the best apps to use for giving suggestions anonymously. In the beginning of the professional life, Sarahah’s creator realized that self-improvement suggestions are really needed in corporate world. But he came to know that many people don’t want their identities to be revealed, as in case of negative opinions, they could face problems.


So, he made this fabulous app, Sarahah, where users can add their suggestions/opinions/messages about their company, or to anyone anonymously. Later these suggestions can be used for self-analyzation & development purpose also.

Sarahah have strict privacy policies & would not reveal any user’s real identity until the user gives the consent for it. All in all, this app is trending worldwide now.

As the name of Sarahah indicates, “Honesty” is a must in professional world for best results. And Indians are the best examples of honesty in their works. Sarahah’s creator positive opinions about Indians is yet another proof that the Indians are honest, helpful & rocking, & will continue to Rule the World!

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