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Vijay Mallya’s Arrest and Immediate Bail was led by a series of Hilarious Tweets

On 18th April 2017, Business Tycoon Vijay Mallya was arrested by London’s Scotland Yard for the charges of money laundering and fraud in India. The industrialist took around Rs 9000 Crore as loans to his airlines the Kingfisher Airlines. After the downfall of the company, the money was nowhere to be found and Vijay Mallya fled from India.

He was finally caught yesterday in London and an extradition was being pushed by many Indian banks like IDBI and SBI. While people were rejoicing his arrest news, he was presented to the Westminster Magistrates’ Court where he was granted bail just three hours after his arrest.

Here are some hilarious tweets that our glorious twitterati tweeted on his arrest and immediate bail:

  • Finally Vijay Mallya is now Vijay Milgaya:

Milgaya means found. @SahilBulla just made a nice wordplay with Vijay Mallya’s name because the country was looking for him for so long and he was finally found.

  • The epic scene from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham used to portray how SBI would be feeling:

Jaya Bachchan here is referring to SBI who are smiling like they just got everything they had ever dreamed of.

  • @SahilBulla got what Vijay Mallya actually meant:

Vijay Mallya wants to say that this is one of countless other times that he has made a fool of the Indian government.

  • Azaans happen in quick succession in one day and Vijay Mallya’s bail happened well before that:

Looks like @Shakti_Shetty also lives near a Muslim religious place, which is why he knows where quickly azaan actually takes place.

  • One Picture conveying both the feelings:

That’s exactly how the cops/Vijay Mallya would be feeling after arrest/bail!!

This shows that corruption and money being the supreme power not just happens in India but around the world as well and justice is mostly secondary until and unless people voice themselves to the world.

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