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Ram Rahim Rape Verdict LIVE: Violence Enraged in Punjab’s 6 Districts, 13 Dead Post Court’s Verdict in Ram Rahim Rape Case


Dera Sacha supporters are spreading violence in about six districts of Punjab, and three districts of Haryana. Common people have been disturbed and threatened by their violent acts. After the verdict of CBI’s special court in Panchkula, the Dera supporters started stone pelting, have set two police stations and railway stations on fire and vandalized cars and other vehicles.


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Tight security forces has captivated the CBI’s special court. The Army, Police and Special forces surrounded whole of the area where the Dera sacha followers have gathered. Here are the live updates of the things that have occurred regarding the case till now.

  • Before the verdict came, Power supply and Cable connections in Panchkula was disconnected.
  • At about 3:00 pm, Court declared Ram Rahim the convict of raping two women followers.  The sentence hearing will be on August 28.
  • At 3:20 pm, reports of violence came, the Dera supporters have vandalized cars and other vehicles in Panchkula.
  • At 3:40 pm, Curfew imposed in Bhatinda, minutes after Railway station in Malout was set on fire.
  • Ram Rahim was taken to Rohtak in the custody of the Army personnel.
  • At 4:10 pm, Curfew was imposed in Panchkula.
  • Income tax office in Sector 2 and Petrol pump in Sector 4 of Panchkula, was set on fire.
  • Till 5:30 pm,  13 people have reportedly died in the riots, and their bodies have been taken to the general hospital, Panchkula.

Mobile internet and data services have been suspended in Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh for 72 hours. The state government has appealed to maintain peace.


Ram Rahim will be surely going to jail and he deserves it as well. He is a guilty and people should not break rules for men like him. It’s an appeal to everybody to understand the situations and contribute in the nation’s peace.

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Ram Rahim is Convicted of Rape Charges – CBI Court Verdict

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