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In A Viral Video, A Frozen Fish Is Seen Coming Back To Life

Each day, a viral video springs up out of nowhere and then grabs highlights on all the social networking sites. A new video had gone viral on Facebook. In this video, a frozen fish comes back to life. Yes, you read that right. In the video, a fish is pulled out from the refrigerator and then it is seen coming back to life and swimming in a tub filled with water. The video was shared on the Facebook page of NTD Television and has already received about 6 million views in a span of 20 hours only. However now, many different versions have also been uploaded on the site as well, and is invoking lots of reactions from viewers all over various social networking sites.

The video shows a man opening his refrigerator and taking out a fish, which is covered with ice all over and probably dead as it’s not moving. The man then puts the fish in a tub, which already has a black colored fish. Just then, the fish moves a fin and then comes back to life and starts swimming with the other fish.

This video has collected 85,000 reactions so far and about 70,000 shares in addition to a million views. Some of the viewers have given certain explanations regarding this incident and some have complained about animal cruelty.

While many viewers made humorous remarks and statements about the video, some said that the reason the fish came back to life was because perhaps the fish was not stored in the refrigerator for a larger amount of time.   

One of the viewers said that he had tried the same with his fish fingers but to his disappointment, the fish fingers did not spring up back to life and also made his sandwich soggy. LOL!

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