Watch the terrifying moment a rhino charges into a jeep full of safari tourists

The moment a furious rhino charged at a car full of terrified safari tourists has been caught on camera.

At first, the rhino appears to pose no threat to the tourists as the footage shows it wandering over to the stationary Toyota jeep to get a closer look.


But what starts off as intrigue soon turns into a bout of road rage as the rhino suddenly rams into the truck at full pelt – leaving the trapped tourists recoiling in fear.

Alexandra Poier, 48, was sitting in a nearby vehicle in Etosha National Park in Namibia when she filmed the incident.


She said the passengers were shaken but managed to escape the attack unscathed.

She said: “I think the rhino saw a threat and that is why he attacked. To be honest, I was quite scared because it could have been our car.


“It happened very quickly and suddenly. After he went to the side of our car and we left quickly. The tour guide said this was a rare event.”

Native to southern and eastern Africa, the black rhinoceros is an endangered species, but it is not known how many live in Etosha National Park.

They have a reputation for being extremely aggressive, and readily charge at speeds of up to 35mph at perceived threats.

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