Weird Tweets that have turned into the best PJs

Twitter is a place where people share their views in 140 words but sometimes twitter is used for devious purposes i.e. for memes and hilarious one liners. These tweets with hilarious double meaning have brought that side of twitter into a new light. Check out these unbelievably hilarious tweets that should be told as PJs!

  • Cat Moje Mein:

This is literally the funniest and cutest thing on the internet today. I’m actually wondering how did that kitten actually get fit inside the sock completely. She is really comfortable in there.

  • Traveling with God and feeling blessed:

The great almighty has come down on earth as a fellow angel to provide you with transport in one of the cheapest ride hailing services in India. Way to go Bhagwan!!!

  • When you are hungry but you are a religious person:

When bhakti mode is on, you need to ring the bell, no matter where the bell is. It could also be a logo or just a picture! Come on take blessings from the great Taco Bell!

  • When two neighboring countries have a cricket match:

As soon as these two sat down together, the weather became uneasy again! The rain began again and it didn’t completely stop until they were separated. That is the power of India vs Pakistan!

  • When Watson caused KKR the game:

Shah Rukh Khan just lolled himself!!! His son looks absolutely confused by what he just said! PS I am not talking about the latest IPL!

  • When you explain technology to your grandparents:

“Scan” means go to a shop and scan it and put the entire image as the profile picture! She should have suggested her uncle to use a portrait scan! That would have been much better.

PJs and memes circle twitter like wild fire and we have no problem till they keep entertaining us!

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