The Weirdest Signs in India that are so weird that you would go Yuck and LOL at the same time

Signs are used to provide visual/textual information to any and all that care to read them. Sometimes signs are used to display warnings about certain wrongdoing and what would the punishment of that be. Sometime signs are to display menu in some canteen. Sometimes the time limit of parking is displayed.

Whatever the reason of displaying a sign is, it is generally very important. But when painters are weak in English, it is better to give them what you want in writing, or they would wreck your sign board like you would have never imagined. Here some of the hilarious and creepy mix ups done in India by painters/clients who are weak in English and completely change the meaning of what they want to say:

  • So if this shopkeeper has loss in one business, he would try to convert it into a profit in another more racy business:

  • A Sandwich shop with VAG Sandwiches:

  • Ever wondered what an accident porn area would look like?

  • After the time limit exceeds, there would be an escalated reaction:

  • Well having a “mobile erection” is also important and guess what it can be repaired too, by this guy

  • Chicken is served by the stall and cock’s stickers are on the stall if you look closely:

  • The LAN Centre has its dimension of world where there are eight days in one week, so it’s open 7 days, despite being closed on a Sunday!

  • Best Wishes from an honest MLA would look like this:

  • Another Cock Sign. Apparently a coke can do the work of a cock:

  • Shouldn’t this sign be on the side of a bed?

And here is the best pick of the day. A place where you can go to the loo and bathe in cum!!

And that is why India is the greatest country ever!!!

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