The Well Captured Difference between What You Wanted To Do and What You Are Actually Doing

The famous dialogue from Shahrukh khan movie says “agar tum shiddat se kisi cheez ko chaho to saari kayanat use tumse milaane mei lag jaati hai.” The reality, however, looks different with a majority of people doing work that is way different from their dream jobs. It might be possible that they lacked the passion that was required for the nature to make it happen but the reality is that we end up doing something that is vastly different than what we dreamt of as a kid.

  •    In India, people are crazy about cricket and most of the boys aspire to become Sachin Tendulkar one day but the reality is most of them don’t even touch a bat once they complete their college.

  •    This lady who once wanted to be a fashion designer today tries to be content designing her mithais.

  •    I always wanted a white collar job as a corporate employee but I ended up as a bartender mixing drinks for them instead.

  •    I wanted to fly high as a sophisticated air hostess but I am making people dance on my tunes as a DJ.

  •    How I always look forward to giving an elegant Bharatanatyam performance on stage but life made me do house chores in other people’s home.

  •    I learned to be content by painting whatever I can while earning my bread as a rickshaw driver.

  •    While I always wanted to be an air hostess, serving people onboard, I am actually serving them on ground by showing them various jewellery items.

  •    I always wanted to cook these vegetables not sell them.

  •    I wanted to guard the homes and offices of people not make paan for them.

  •    Always aspired to juice the enemy, not the sugarcane.

  •    As a kid, I dreamt of slapping the criminals with this shoe not mend it.

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