What a catch! Bikini-clad swimmer grabs giant fish – by sticking her entire ARM in its mouth

The bizarre footages shows the woman swimming in a lake with her boyfriend before she suddenly lifts the creature out of the water

This is the bizarre moment a bikini-clad swimmer catches a giant fish – by sticking her entire arm in its mouth.

The strange video appears to have been recorded somewhere in the US, although the exact location is not disclosed.

In the clip, the woman appears to be swimming in the lake with her boyfriend when she suddenly ducks under the murky water.

After several seconds, and some tell-tale bubbles, the girl re-emerges with a cheerful yell, as she reveals the fish attached to her arm.


Without flinching, she hoists the fish out of the water and shows off her spoils to her boyfriend.

In the background a man laughs: “That’s what I’m talking about Hannah, hold that big a** fish.”


Hannah then grabs the fish and throws it over her shoulder as the rest of the group discuss how well they will be eating later. The bizarre footage has been uploaded to YouTube and has clocked up more than 440,600 views since June 12.

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