What Is Amazing Inside This Ordinary Home?

When it comes to residential real estate, single-family homes with two-door garages are a dime a dozen. More often than not, these homes are as nondescript on the inside as they appear on the street, with a design aesthetic that one could describe as being sparse at best.



But there’s more to this home in Newport, Oregon, than meets the eye. Once you pass through the threshold, you immediately realize that this house’s interior is anything but minimalistic.



In fact, it looks like it’s fit for royalty and for good reason. The woman selling the opulent home happens to be Almine Barton, otherwise known as the Right and Honorable Dowager Countess of Shannon.



Filled with antique furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries, this Baroque-inspired palace encompasses the grandeur and intricate realism associated with that period in aesthetic history.



As Barton explained to Yahoo Real Estate, “When I went in and saw the little space, it didn’t feel right to me.” With that in mind, she gutted the home, knocking down walls to add flow to what was once a disjointed space.



Instead of opting for the light-filled rooms that we love so much today, Barton replaced paneled windows with stained glass.



According to the Dowager Countess, “It’s like living inside a Rembrandt painting.”



And if you have an extra $400,000 lying around, you can make this palatial pad your own.


The truth about this home is that it’s a literal representation of the idea that we shouldn’t take everything at face value. If your life could use a royal change of pace, check out the official listing.

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