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What This Designer Created Will Force You To See Your Favorite Books With Fresh Eyes

When we close the covers of our favorite books, we’re left reeling over the words — the words that cover the pages that fill the books that tell the stories that stick with us forever.

Most lovers of literature make a cliched habit of reading between the lines, but how often do we dig into the minutiae of the works we hold close? Although no bibliophile would deny that the act of reading, both aloud and otherwise, is a rhythmic venture, we often lose sight of the tiny dots and dashes that allow our brains to move to the beat of iambs.

In a stunningly successful attempt at bringing these marks to the fore, designer Nicholas Rougeux created “Between the Words” by poring over famous texts not to tease out deeper meanings, but to pay every last punctuation mark its due.

Rougeux makes each piece by stringing punctuation marks from literary classics into continuous loops until they reach illustrated centers.


“‘Between the Words’ was inspired by an amateur love of typography, a grammatically correct upbringing after being raised by a financial editor and an English teacher, and the study of other projects that examine the visualization of text,” he explained to ViralCocktail.


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