What This Guy Caught Lurking In His Backyard Looks Too Big To Be Real…But It Is

Australia is home to some unique animals, like koalas, platypuses, wombats, the dingo, and kangaroos! Those are just a few of the 378 different species of mammals you can find in Australia! They also have 300 species of lizards, 828 species of birds, 140 snake species, 4000 fish species, and 50 types of unique marine animals, according to

Something you may not find advertised on a tourist website are the insects! Not many of us would flock to any country just to see spiders, wasps, or ants! But, Australia is home to a spider called the golden silk orb weaver spider, or banana spider. Golden silk orb spiders like to live in the forest or woodlands.

backyard spider

This is quite a large golden silk orb weaver! Luckily, the venom of golden orb weavers is not lethal to humans, but, according to Wikipedia, it does have a similar neurotoxic effect like that of a black widow – but it is not as powerful.

The name comes from, not the color of the spider, but from the color of their silk (which are yellow, but look golden in the sun). These are rather large spiders! The females can grow to be 3 inches (not including the legs), and the males are about one-quarter of an inch, according to These spiders build webs that can be up to 3 feet in diameter! Reddit user, Devilheart posted the pictures of his backyard visitor!

These spiders do not have a harmful or beneficial relationship with humans – so, we leave them alone, they leave us alone! Sounds good to me! Yikes!

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