When Their Little Boy Got Meningitis, They Refused To Take Him To The Doctor. It Killed Him.

Having a sick child is terrible for any parent or family.

Not only do we worry for a sick child’s safety, but our hearts go out to kids who are uncomfortable and unhappy. So when these parents refused to take their sick toddler to the doctor, it confused and enraged people. The southern Alberta couple attempted to administer home remedies to their son when he contracted meningitis.

As a result, the little boy died.

However, David and Collet Stephan pleaded not guilty to failing to provide the “necessaries of life” for 19-month-old Ezekiel, who died in March 2012.

Instead of getting him to the hospital as quickly as possible, the parents fed the boy different supplements with an eye dropper. It wasn’t until he stopped breathing that they took him to get medical help.

The toddler was airlifted to a hospital in Calgary. After five days, he was taken off life support machines and declared dead.

The parents claim that the media has twisted the truth of what happened…


That doesn’t stop people from speaking their mind online and labeling the couple “baby killers”


Regardless of where the blame lies, this poor baby was taken from the world much too soon.

Who knows what was going through their heads when these parents attempted to treat meningitis themselves.
If your child is sick, help them in any way you can…or else you might experience the tragedy and grief that this couple experienced.

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