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White House to impose a new travel ban exempting Iraq and many other changes

The White House is bringing back the travel ban to major Muslim nations and refugees from Syria after thirty eight days of the earlier disastrous rollout. On Monday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order which was revised removing one nation from their list of majority Muslim nations which were going to be affected by the travel ban but this doesn’t relieve concerns of the religious targeting.

While most of the travel bank substance is unchanged, the Trump administration is hoping that the second version of this order will withstand all legal scrutiny as it has a better focus and professional language.

Attorney General Jeff Session said that The Department of Justice believes this order to be same as the first one and is a proper and lawful exercise of the authority of president.

A lot of federal judges were quick to go against Trump’s executive order in January and a lot of protesters were also swamping international airports where the travellers from the target countries were delayed or prohibited from entering United States of America. The order originally barred seven country citizens from US for ninety days, all refuges for at least 120 days and Syrian refugees indefinitely.

According to the revision by Trump, new travel visas won’t be issued for at least 90 days to people from Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and Syria but it exempts all the immigrants currently holding valid visas for US. Iraq was removed from the second version because a lot of Iraqi translators aiding US military were also entangled in the first travel ban rollout.

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, said in the Monday press conference that Iraq is an ally of the US in the fight against ISIS.

The Syrian refugee resettlement program has also been suspended in the new travel plan for 120 days. White House claims that about 300 refugees are currently under FBI counterterrorism investigations and two Iraqi refugees were also arrested in Bowling Green, Kentucky on terrorist activity charge justifying the ban.

The old order has been rescinded and new order will be imposed from March 16.

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