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Trump Revealed in Photos: Here’s Why He can’t be ‘The President’

Why Donald Trump can't be 'The President'

Ozyman Diaz has posted a mini-collage of the four most recent presidents interacting with citizens in the aftermath of massive natural disasters. And this photo has been a hit trend on internet, clearly showing up the “Flaws” of America’s present President, Donald Trump.

As in the picture, you can see there are four most recent Presidents of USA, who had visited the disaster-hit places and interacted with people. But what the difference is, in the way of interaction of Donald Trump and his predecessors.

Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have been directly talking to the common people by visiting ground Zero. While Trump seems no have no connection with his people. Being Trump as America’s President is celebrated as a joke already. And his actions add up to it and somehow are proving about the wrong decisions of the Americans.

Four administrations; four devastating hurricanes. But only one president neglected to show compassion in such situations. People are asking Trump Why?

Literally, Trump has to learn and change a lot for an image as a Good(if not best) President of America. Hope that Americans are understanding it very well.

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