Wife Sneaks on Sleeping Husband, Smashes a Cake on His Face to Reveal Something Surprising

Erik Meldik, the YouTube star who is popular for Viral Brothers channel that airs prank videos, became a victim himself by none other than his wife Domisha. Eric, who achieved great levels of success with his prank videos REVENGE 8 and REVENGE 9, got a taste of what it feels like to be on the receiving end. Domisha, a great prankster herself, smashed a cake on the face of the ignorant sleeping husband and that too, to reveal the gender of their soon-to-be-born baby.

  •    Eric sleeping peacefully totally ignorant of the fact that his wife is planning something crazy. His beautiful wife Domisha was planning to smash a cake on his face and for that, she got up a little early, too.

  •    Domisha planned to play a prank on Eric and accordingly, got a big cake with boy or girl written on it.

  •    Sneaking into the room quietly and making sure everything got recorded, she climbed on the bed with a cake in her hand.


  •    The poor guy found the whole cake right in his face.

  •    Eric is all confused and stunned to see cake all over….Trying to figure out what happened, he looks flabbergasted but soon picks up that it’s a gender-revealing cake.

  •    Finding the blue sponge inside, he is elated to know that he will be the father of a baby boy soon. Both of them then enjoy their moment together.

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