Will Parents Ever Give Up On Finding That Perfect Match?

Time has changed and so does the matchmaking procedure. Today the people are not that rigid. In fact, they have become quite practical and adaptable. The long-standing traditions of the Indian society are going by the wayside with the people becoming more open-minded as their priorities have shifted. The Internet has made it much easier to find a partner and the counselling services are there to prepare the couples for the life ahead.

One thing that has not changed with time is the Indian parents. They are still in the old era where they believe that it is their responsibility to find the perfect partner for their son or daughter based on gotra, religion and horoscope and get them married at the earliest.

  •    If any friend of mine of opposite sex comes home, my mom doesn’t see her as a girl or my friend but as a potential candidate who can be her DIL.

  •    Why all conversations these days with my dad end up on my marriage talks? It looks like getting me married is the only goal left in his life these days.
  •    In Indian families, a person’s respect graph is directly proportional to his marital status and then having children.

  •    For parents, the word ‘NO’ doesn’t exist in the dictionary when it comes to keep trying to find the perfect match for their children.
  •    Once the parents have a kid who reached the marriageable age, all their life seems to be concentrated around finding that perfect partner. They have virtually nothing else left to discuss or do other than somehow find the right person and get their son or daughter married at the earliest.

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