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Will Smith Trying out Jaden’s Dreadlocks is probably the Funniest Thing you’ll see

We all know the actor Will Smith from movies like Men in Black and countless other movies. He is one of the finest actors that Hollywood has ever produced. There is so much intensity in Smith’s acting and he always gives in his best when he is acting. That is probably why he is such a terrific actor. However, it is almost sure that many did not know that he acts as a personal hair dresser too. Recently, this popular actor from Hollywood went on to post some images of himself taking off his son Jaden’s dreads and this went viral on the net.

Things got more interesting when Will Smith went on to try out his son’s freshly trimmed hair, to be honest, Will Smith with dreadlocks did not look bad at all.

Jaden is quite popular when it comes to pulling off different looks, so it was not a major cause of concern when his hair was cut.

We are not actually sure as to which form of Jaden we are really excited to check out: Whether it is the low cut – Caesar Jaden or is it the taper – afro fade- Jaden?

Are you wondering as to why Jaden actually went about transforming himself like this?

Well, there are some sources confirming that Jaden is now gearing up to star along with Terrence Howard and Cara Delevingne in a new romantic movie “Life in a Year”

The movie involves a 17 year old boy, who later finds that his lover is about to die, so he goes out to give her the whole life in the last 1 year that she has.

These happy moments between Jaden and Will Smith is only going to strengthen their bonding with each other even more. Can this get any better?

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