With One Line, This Artist Creates Incredible Work That Sticks With People Forever

When it comes to careers that are full of promise, “artist” typically doesn’t top the list.
Although creativity and its many iterations are often the driving forces behind what keeps humanity trudging along, the confines of traditional success tend to draw distinct lines between themselves and art.

And this is a phenomenon with which tattoo artist Mo Ganji is all too familiar. His rise to corporate success at a young age was comfortable, admirable, and sensible. Although he was an expert climber as far as the corporate ladder was concerned, he wasn’t sleeping at night. Something more important rattled behind his ribcage, and it was just active enough to convince him that comfort, admiration, and sense would never give him the life he wanted.

Ganji, like most artists, was born with a third eye of sorts — one that sees the world from a different angle and guides him through the creative process.


Although he’s been drawing and painting since the second he experienced the satisfaction of creation, his most recent tattoo work has garnered considerable attention.

With one line, he creates compelling images that translate into tattoos drawn in a style that is utterly singular.


Just as impressive as his artistic process is the process that got him from point A to point B — from the office to the tattoo shop. “It all started with a thought I had long before I stepped into the corporate jungle,” he explained to ViralNova. “It took about a year before that thought turned into a serious idea, and another year before the idea became concrete enough for me to act on it.”

If you’d like to learn more about this artist and his work, be sure to visit his website. For regular updates, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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