Woman purposefully bumps her car into the truck that had chickens as she is vegan

The people in this world have been divided on the lines of their food habits. At one end, there are people who do not have any problem in consuming both vegetarian and non vegetarian food and on the other side there are people who are very strictly following a vegan diet. Even though religion does play a major role in determining a person’s food habit, some of the people take their own decisions and choose what they wish to eat. One such community of people who choose to eat only vegetarian food and choose that as their way of their life is the vegans. In a recent shocking incident, a vegan woman who is from Georgia intentionally bumped her car into one truck that had chickens.

The woman after bumping the car into the truck escaped from the spot. The police then was informed about this collision by the truck driver who even gave one vague description about the accused lady to the police officials. The police even found the license plate of the lady’s car, it was later identified as someone by the name Judith Armstrong, and the number plate had broken off following the mishap. The license plate that was lying on the spot actually helped police in tracking the lady down, the lady accepted her involvement in bumping the truck by stating that she was vegan and that she did not like the sight of the chickens.

The report stated that the lady did not come out of her house until the police actually presented her the warrant. Judith stated that she fled away after the incident fearing that her license would be suspended. She also confessed that she was not drunk. Judith has now been charged with a hit and run case.

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