Woman Set on Funeral Fire Turns Out to Be Alive

After the shocking news of a teenager in Karnataka waking up during his funeral, a new case has surfaced. A newly wedded woman was pulled out from her burning hot burial pyre by the local police after the woman’s guardians allegedly reported that her husband was burning their daughter alive in the form of a deceitful cremation.

When this horrifying case was investigated deeply, two medical reports regarding the victim- Rachna Sisodia, a 24-year-old woman were found to be in blatant contradiction.

According to the death report submitted by Noida Hospital, the confirmed death of Rachna was on 25th Feb, 11:45 am, a day before her false cremation. The reason for her death was stated as “cardiorespiratory arrest and acute respiratory distress syndrome.” But her postmortem examination report that was done in a private hospital in Aligarh said: “ash found in her respiratory tract”. This suggested that she may have been alive and breathing when she was being cremated.


As per the statement given by Police, Rachna had been missing from her homeplace in Bulandshahr since 13, Dec 2016. There are several cases lodged against Rachna’s husband, Devesh Chaudhary, a 23-year-old man. Devesh, along with 11 other individuals, are at loose and all attempts to arrest them have been in vain.

Rachna’s maternal uncle told a source, “We searched for her everywhere, and later we came to know that she is in Aligarh living with Devesh. We visited Aligarh, but she was nowhere to be found.”

Amidst this horrifying case, the medical experts are perplexed over the conflict in the two medical reports. The doctors at Sharda University’s School of Medical Sciences & Research in Noida declared Rachna dead before her cremation, while the doctors at Aligarh, Dr. Pankal Mishra (the one who conducted autopsy) tells that almost 70 percent of the body was burnt. He couldn’t say for sure whether the body belonged to Rachna or not.

Devesh, the accused husband, stated that he and his family are being framed by Rachna’s family to occupy their property.

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