Wondering Who Is the Most Savage Person on Earth? It’s the Moms!

Mother is the greatest companion we can ever have. She showers all her love and compassion and nurtures us with her warm brace and affection, but we all know she can be the most savage. We all have seen her in the loving avatar, but yeah we all have also seen her “I will take no nonsense” avatar and faced her wrath. At times, when we think that no one can be as cool as my mom, we have also experienced times when we think that no one can be as intimidating as her and this is why she is undoubtedly the most savage person we know.

Here are 8 examples that will show that moms are the closest definition to savage and every one of you must have encountered one or more similar situations as mentioned below.

So come on, let us have a look.

  • The example of the well. Moms are really obsessed with it. Don’t know why!

  • I wonder what mom’s head would taste like.

  • No matter how careful you are, something or the other always goes wrong and then you hear this.

  • Come on mom! It is just a lip gloss. If it were a fashion show, trust me, it would be more!

  • Funny faces are not really funny for moms. It really annoys them more.

  • Hanging out with friends and mom being happy certainly cannot happen together. Either you keep mom happy or hang out with friends. Tough call.

  • Too much of TV always sets mom in the savage mode. So, maintain distance from televisions.

  • This one is epic. No matter what the situation is and no matter what context it is about, it always comes down to this conclusion.

No matter what, we love you moms!

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What a Co-ordination!!!

What a Co-ordination!!!

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