World Congratulated ‘Mahi’ on The Successful Completion of 300th ODI of his Career

Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently added new feathers to his Success wings. He is now the sixth Indian Cricketer and 20th player (men) in the world to reach the 300th ODI mark.  He played his 300th ODI, in Colombo, for the fourth One-Day International against Sri Lanka. The world is congratulating Mahi on his grand achievement.

Also, Dhoni is the fourth highest leading run-scorer for India after Tendulkar, Ganguly, and Dravid. Dhoni’s fans and fellow Cricketers took social media to celebrate the legacy of him. Along with them, Bollywood celebs also congratulated the ‘Helicopter Shot’ player.

Dhoni, 36, is a player beyond the categories and classes. He has a natural ability to handle things and make the best out of it. He is a player of his own level. That’s why if it comes for Dhoni, the world stands in one corner, and Dhoni at another.

Right from childhood, he didn’t trapped himself in limitations, problems without solutions and wish without willpower. He knew it very well that he wants more, and big. And he managed to get it to there. People say he was lucky enough, but I say that he made his luck work with his hard work.

Dhoni is someone who is ‘The Best’, not only as a player but also as a person. The best proof that everyone can see, is from his Biopic film, “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story”. A boy, who didn’t know how to play cricket, how to speak English made himself to work on himself. All this he did on his own, with helping hands of friends, family and loved ones.

And now, he is a Legend, he has come so far in his life. He has made so many records, broken so many, and will be making another in the near future. Answering the criticism in his own way is another ‘Style’ of him which is loved by his supporters.

We heartily congratulate Mahi for having another Milestone in his Career and hope that he would always play like this for our India. Afterall, everybody wants to see him finish the match with the famous ‘Helicopter’.

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