World’s Oldest Woman Turns 117. She Reveals Her Secret

oldest lady emma morano

Emma Morano, the world’s oldest woman alive, turns 117 this month. Presently, our average lifespan is just 71 years. But how could this woman crossed century?

In an Interview to AFP News Agency, she has revealed her secret that she eats Two Eggs and cookies. She also said that she doesn’t eat much as she has no teeth. She also says that she had a good voice and used to sing songs very well.

emma morano

Born on 29th November 1899, Emma is so immune to diseases. She also takes applesauce, bananas, grapes and raw meat.

However, doctors say that her two sisters too lived above 100 years. So besides the diet, her genes might be a reason for her long live.

Anyhow, Let us wish this Oldest Lady A Very Happy Birthday and wish her a long live.

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